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If you are looking for the absolute ultimate in a home theater experience you are going to find that nothing can even come close to what you will get with a state of the art projector. You will actually experience soaring around the landscape of Pandora from the movie Avatar or the absolute thrill of flying a P-51 Mustang and strafing a train from the game IL-2 Sturmovik. A Epson Projector is absolutely amazing because it allows you to see and enjoy images that are so much larger and crisper than those that even the largest televisions have to offer. The other great thing about this technology is the incredible amount of detail you get with it. The contrast ratio alone is 10,000: 1. The image from this projector is also really big because the screens that can be used with it are measured in feet, not inches.


Projectors are in reality a two-piece system consisting of the projector plus the screen. Many of the newer models are also digital which makes them a snap to set up. Screens also come in a variety of sizes to suit your need and even though you can project the image on a wall or even a white sheet, once you’ve used a screen you won’t go back to anything else. A good screen will give you theater quality images that are simply astounding
Epson 1440 Ultra Bright

EPSON 1440 Projector

The Epson Home Cinema 1440 is one of two new entries Epson has in this market, it’s also the only Epson projector listed at over $1000.00. For that price, though, this is one killer machine. For starters, the projector is listed at putting out over 4,400 blazing lumens of power. The projector also comes with a Dynamic Iris. This device sits between the lamp and the lens. The projector then evaluates the overall brightness of the projected image many times per second and then opens or closes the Dynamic Iris accordingly. Its sole purpose is to improve the 1440’s image’s contrast. The Epson 1440 also allows for split screen viewing and even has the capability for wired networking if you so desire.


The Unit also comes with Faroudja Image Processing.This type of processing is top of the line technology and is designed to help improve image quality without introducing any picture anomalies. The Unit is also equipped with MHL on HDMI inputs for streaming sticks and even mobile devices

The back of the unit is loaded with every kind of connector imaginable. It has a pair of HDMI inputs and one MHL for mobile devices like a tablet or phone and inputs for streaming sticks. There are also two computer inputs and a monitor out, and of course plenty of audio inputs along with USBs, an RS-232, and an ethernet LAN connection.

With the Epson Home Cinema 1440 you don’t have to settle for a tiny 60” LCDTV because with this projector you can literally break down the walls and have a true to life home theatre experience. Even though Epson has some other high end projector models, many, like the 1440 are what Epson calls cross-over models. This means that the 1440 is modeled after their high high-endness and commercial machines. The Home Cinema 1440 decidedly falls into this category. The bottom line on this projector is you are going to fall in love with it.