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We have all seen the ENERGY STAR sticker on appliances, water heaters, air conditioners, etc. ENERGY STAR is a certification that is earned for performance and efficiency as it relates to saving energy. When it comes to laundry technology, ENERGY STAR certified machines can really have an impact on cost savings and protecting our environment.

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Best Buy is proud to be a company that supports the ENERGY STAR certification movement. They stock some of the most efficient laundry equipment available today. You can get a quick overview of the benefits of ENERGY STAR rated machines on the Best Buy blog.

ENERGY STAR Appliances from Best Buy

Clothes washers that have earned ENERGY STAR certification use 25% less energy and approximately 45% less water than standard washing machines. This results in about a $45 per year savings on your utility bills. It can save you up to $490 over the life of the machine.

These certified machines are available in either top-load or front-load configurations. Certified top-load machines clean your clothing just like standard models without wasting water to fill up the tub. These newer models use wash systems that cycle clothes through a mixture of water and detergent. Front-load machines don’t use an agitator. They tumble clothes through a small amount of water instead of rubbing clothes against an agitator. Both designs dramatically reduce the amount of hot water and energy used in the wash cycle.


ENERGY STAR rated clothes dryers use approximately 20% less energy than standard clothes dryers. Many now come with a low heat setting that allows for longer drying cycles that use less energy. There are also some with steam cycles that can help save time and energy on ironing clothes by preventing wrinkles.

Shopping for ENERGY STAR Laundry Machines

Best Buy has a large selection of certified machines. When you go to the store, or shop online, look for the ENERGY STAR sticker on the equipment or as part of the product literature. The experts at Best Buy can steer you in the right direction.

You will benefit with clothes that are cleaned more gently. You will save on energy, which means that you will save on utility costs. And, you will be contributing to a better environment and climate.

You can visit the Best But website for more information on their ENERGY STAR certified washers and dryers, as well as other appliances.