DoDD Review DisclosureWhat to Pack in a Emergency Storm Kit

Packing your emergency storm kit is easy when you have a plan. You can use this list to get the results you want, and you can use the kit when you are stuck in your basement or in a bathroom during a storm. You know that you could lose power and all the rest of it when the storm hits, and this list will help you stay safe.

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Non-Perishable Food

You need to have food that you can eat if you are stuck for a few hours. You can get anything that is not perishable to take down there like granola bars, canned foods and anything else that you do not have to cook. You will be able to get a nice cache of food into your pack, and you can even leave the house with it if you have to. This will keep you for a couple days, and you will avoid problems with the food or shelter where you are especially if the storm is really bad.

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Sleeping Supplies

You need a mat and sleeping bag to use. This is something that you can roll up to take with you if you need to, and you can use these supplies when you are stuck for a long period of time. Anyone who knows that they could be stuck with no heat or air can use a sleeping bag, and that makes it much easier to stay comfortable when there is a problem.

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Bottle Water

You need to have water when you know that you could be stuck without utilities. You can get a water purifying kit that you can use like you are out in the open, and you will be able to store a lot of water in your pack. You might also want to collect rainwater, and you can get something that will help you do that when it is still raining. You can take advantage of the storm so that you will have something that you can drink.

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A Change of Clothes

You need to have dry clothes that you can wear when you are out in the storm. You need to be able to wear new clothes, and you will do pretty well if you can use your clothes in shifts. You can bring some clothespins and a line so you can wash your clothes when you are stuck for a couple days. You will have clean clothes, and you will be able to get yourself into dry clothes if it is really cold where you are. You are trying to avoid getting sick, and you need to make sure that you have packed as much as you can especially if you need to leave the house.


You can pack up this Emergency Storm Kit pretty fast, and you need to include a couple more things that will help you. You need to have a flashlight like a Rayovac LED flashlight, Rayovac Fusion batteries, something that will charge your phone like a personal battery back, and a wind up radio. You can use all these things when you are stuck, and a solar power plant is going to make it very easy for you to keep everything powered up. That makes it safer for you to get out of the house when you are evacuated or to hide in the basement during a storm.