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These days everything has rewards, gas stations, credit cards, grocery stores, restaurants, and so on. But I have to be honest, I don’t earn enough points to get anything I really want. So when I heard of Bing and their new Bing™ Rewards‎ system I was a little skeptic. So like everything else I signed up to try it out.

Earn Bing Rewards

I was surprised with the many different types of Bing Reward, from restaurants to Xbox Live subscriptions. I saw this as a chance to encourage my kids to help out around the house a little. I decided since they love playing Xbox on their down time from being outside this Summer.

Earn Bing Rewards

Why not reward them with Xbox Digital Gift Cards to use towards buy the latest games, map packs, music, movies, TV shows and more.

Reward your kids

This way they can play the newest games, or rent the latest movies online when they want. And, for me all I do is use Bing as my search engine, which I already do. Once I signed up for Bing Rewards, my searches started giving me credit towards my account to redeem for the Xbox Digital Gift Cards.

Earn Bing Rewards for games

What is Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards gives you opportunities to earn credits redeemable for rewards. Rewards offers may include earning credits for searching on Bing, or trying out new Bing features. Bing Rewards is offered in addition to the Bing search services available to users.

How do I get started?

There are three ways to join and get started with Bing Rewards:

On your PC, in a web browser (Internet Explorer 7 or later, or the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari), join Bing Rewards by signing up with a Microsoft account or Facebook ID. After you’ve signed up, you’ll start earning credits. Use the Bing Rewards credit counter, in the top-right corner of any Bing.com page, to see your credit balance. Get Started


Download the Bing Bar on your PC. When you use the Bing Bar to search you earn credits. The Bing Rewards credit counter on the Bing Bar shows you how many credits you’ve earned. Get Started


On your mobile device, go to http://www.bing.com/explore/rewards using your iOS, Android, or Windows Phone (coming soon) default web browser and sign up with your Microsoft or Facebook account. You’ll earn credits when you use Bing to search the web on your device.

I think Bing Rewards is going to be a win-win in our house this Summer. Who knows I may start saving up some points for a quick getaway.

What would you use your Bing Rewards for?