Keep Your Smart Home Safe with Dojo by BullGuard

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It’s that time of year when we are all online doing our last minute holiday shopping. Our home is buzzing with cyber activity. I am always concerned about protecting our personal information, especially when the kids are surfing the internet on phones and laptops.

This season I have installed a Dojo by BullGuard that I got from Best Buy. This small piece of desktop technology is a comprehensive cybersecurity system that is perfect for any smart home. It has been built as an enterprise-grade, network security service that can safeguard your Smartphones, streaming devices, tablets, laptops, cameras, and just about any other smart device in your home.

Dojo by BullGuard

It is a snap to connect Dojo directly to your Wi-Fi router. You simply download the Dojo App and the inconspicuous, stone shaped device does the rest. If you need help, the Dojo team is available via phone, chat, or email to assist with any setup issues.

Dojo Cybersecurity Dojo by BullGuard

Real-Time Status and Ease of Use

Dojo is so easy to use and it works with real-time status and notifications. The app keeps you informed of any activity on all the smart devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network router. It will block unauthorized devices and keep you informed of any potential risks or breaches of privacy. There is a light-up color visual indicator to go along with the app notifications:

  • Green light = all is good
  • Yellow light = something unusual was found and was taken care of
  • Red light = a privacy breach was detected and blocked
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Dojo Cybersecurity Dojo by BullGuard

Always on Alert

Dojo brings Enterprise Grade Security covers all of your home smart devices that are connected to the network. Intelligent Learning constantly studies your home network to enhance protection 24 hours a day.

Dojo by BullGuard

Available at BestBuy

Dojo by BullGuard retails for $199.99 USD. This includes the first 12-months of service with $9.99/month following the first year. Dojo is available for purchase now either online at or off the shelf at BestBuy stores nationwide.

Dojo will provide peace of mind for your smart home. It is a great gift for the entire family, as it covers all networked devices.

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