After church yesterday I had a chance to sit down with my three younger girls and Staci to watch Disney’s Frankenweenie for the first time. We got the 4-disc combo set with Blu-Ray 3D, Blue-Ray DVD, and a Digital copy. So we put into the Blu-Ray and commenced to watching while we ate our lunch.


Change of Pace

This movie is a little strange at far as some of the characters and the way they act.  But, if you consider that the film is by Tim Burton then it seems all too normal for his style of directing. After the first twenty minutes, I found myself pretty engaged and wondering where this would end up. This is much more than a story about a boy and his dog. It is about how they keep each other together through the good and bad times. The plot was easy to follow and the stop-animation was well done. Overall, the ending was a bit surprising and I enjoyed the change of pace. After all, with a house full of girls this is not a typical movie genre in our home. We will surely be watching it again soon and I am sure it will become a Halloween-time favorite.

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