Disclosure: Dining out with kids is part of the Denny’s Ambassador Program. I am being compensated for my participation. However all thoughts and experiences are 100% my own. #DennysDiners
Great Food for Great Prices at Denny’s!
In my house, I do the most of the cooking in the house for me and my kids. Since I do most of the cooking; when she is gone working nights at work I do not know what to do for dinner for my kids and I. It is hard to cook a meal that both of my kids will love, and it is hard to cook in general for me when the kids are home. So, having a great place to take the kids for dinner while my wife is away is absolutely amazing. I have been to many restaurants, but never have I gotten a good amount of food that tastes great for a good price.
  Denny's Diner

I am Hooked on Denny’s Affordable Prices and Great Food

But, one day my daughter suggested that we dine at Denny’s. I was skeptical at first since I thought that Denny’s would result in me being stuck with an overly expensive bill. However, my mind changed immediately when I opened the menu and saw so much good looking food for low prices. I was hooked! I was astonished to see all of my favorite foods on the menu for low and affordable prices. Denny’s had everything that I love like burgers, fries, and yummy appetizers. Denny’s also has breakfast, and I have even started taking my kids to Denny’s for breakfast. At Denny’s I get great tasting food for me and my kids without spending to much money.
Most of the time I enjoy ordering off of the $4,$6, and $8 dollar menu; and I order my kids food off of the kids menu. My sons favorite is the Jr. Cheeseburger, and my daughters favorite the Mac and Cheese. After ordering our main courses I even have enough money budgeted in for desserts! I usually always order my kids some milkshakes, or I order them two banana splits. It is amazing that even after appetizers, main courses, and desserts my bill does not make me freak out. Instead I find that I fed my kids and I for a great affordable price.
Denny's Breakfast
Even breakfast is affordable at Denny’s! We get full breakfast with eggs, pancakes, sausage, and biscuits without going broke! I also love the service that I get at Denny’s. No matter which Denny’s I go to in my town I always get great service. The waiters are always friendly, and quick to take my order and get the food to my table. It used to be a great inconvenience when I got a waiter that was rude, and took forever to get food to my table. I am always pleased when I get my food quickly, and I am always sure to leave a generous tip when I go to Denny’s for the great service! My children got to order Rudolph pancakes, and they loved them! I used to pay a small fortune for meals, but when I take my kids to Denny’s while my wife is away we get so much food to fill out bellies for such little money. Denny’s saves my life anytime my wife is away, and is not able to cook. It also relieves stress knowing I will be able to feed my kids a great and complete meal for such little money.