Disclosure: As part of the Netflix #StreamTeam I was provide service and a couple gifts. All stories are my own.

Netflix Family Adventure Movie, The Croods

How interesting, annoying or just, well normal was your 2015? Most probably, you don’t remember much or just don’t want to. You are trying to close up on everything that happened but it still feels like yesterday. Everything around you brought along its share of high and low moments. At one time, you were having the best day of your life only to wake up on the blink of the sun to another only comparable to a bad dream.

Dreamworks Dawn of the Croods 2

Something however remained constant throughout; you always had that place that offered constant yet coldly welcoming calm. Most probably, it was your home, nothing seemed to change there, and this is what is now killing you. Neither did it offer solace after a maddening day nor did it allow you continue with your jubilation during your best days. It was just there, like a watcher glaring at you with no ounce of emotion on your behind that cold and dispassionate glare. If you feel like am talking about your 2015 experience, then you are leading the Netflix Croods life; you need to watch The Croods.

To the Croods, a family living in some cave right at the bottom of a pile of rocks in some unmarked dry plains, every day is an adventure; none starts or ends like another. With no neighbors, at least not the friendly ones, the croods are always on the run; running away from enemies, away from food snatchers or the unknown. They have even mastered a way of making all the running fun. However, regardless of how adventurous their life feels like, one thing is ever constant; family and home. They always get back to the dark cave full of echo and pile up for sleep without a clue of what tomorrow would be like.

However, just as you have to jump into the unknowns of 2016, they also have to pace up finding a new life or wait to be crushed by an earthquake that rips their previous ‘home’ apart. Their transition is equally adventurous, taking on unknown paths to an unknown destiny. Lucky for them, another crood guide comes to their aid as a guide, well, let me not pre-empt everything. This is a must watch Netflix entertainment family movie, you never know, it might just help you figure out your crood guide to the New Year.