DoDD Review Disclosure

Growing up, drive-in movies were fun and a popular thing to do. Nice, warm, clear Summer nights had these theaters full! As time went on, they started to slowly disappear and large building movie theaters were popping up and taking charge of the movie industry. Finally, a new drive-in theater came to town in Lewisville, Texas and I get to take my kids to a fun movie experience.


The Coyote Drive-In didn’t disappoint. The quality of the movies are just as good as the ones you would go see in a theater. Kids will be impressed with the size of the screen. The audio can be either played from your car stereo system, you can bring your own radio to tune the movie sound in on, or you can rent a radio to use for $5.


For the price sensitive parent, this is a great value for a nice family night out. Ages 12 and up are only $8 for two movies and ages 5 to 11 are only $6 for two movies. Most fancy indoor theaters cost more than that for just one movie! Food prices are reasonable as well if you wish to make an entire evening out of this fun event. The Coyote Canteen offers pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken tenders just to name a few. The food prices are no more than if you were to go out to any other fast food place and the selection will keep you and the kids happy. If you get a sweet tooth, they also have sweets available. Also, don’t forget the popcorn!


Some other fun things Coyote Drive-In offers are live music on the weekends and dogs are allowed! It is always fun to dance and act goofy with your kids, and the music is just an added perk for going on the weekend with no extra charge. It makes the wait for the movie much more fun. Plus, what kid doesn’t like to play with dogs? You can bring your own family dog to enjoy the show, just check the website for any questions you may have about letting them tag along.


The Coyote Drive-In is a great family experience all around and offers what normal theaters don’t at a much better price. The kids will have a great time making new friends in the play area, they are sure to find something yummy to eat at the Coyote Canteen, and the live music on weekends will have the whole family dancing and acting silly before enjoying two great movies! The drive-in experience is something everyone enjoys and definitely something I will go back to many times to make great memories with my children.