Why The Chrysler Pacifica is The Best Choice in Minivans

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The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica has a lot of benefits to offer its owners as well features that other minivans do not offer. It offers the best entertainment system, it is the quietest minivan on the market, and it is the best minivan for families on the market. It also has available hands-free power sliding doors and power lift gate. All of these characteristics make it the most innovative minivan in its class. Along with twenty-eight miles per gallon in fuel power, it has the most horsepower and torque in its class. If the vehicle is fully charged, a person can go thirty miles or five-hundred and thirty miles on a full tank of gas.

Why The Chrysler #Pacifica is The Best Choice in Minivans

Courtesy of FCA North America

Courtesy of FCA North America

The Excellent Exterior

The design of the exterior was made to be an original and the most family friendly minivan in its class. It was made with a purpose and one of them was to be functional. The headlights have been redesigned and they are as attractive as they are effective. The LED lower light pipes and headlamp bezels are finished in chrome so they look good in combination with the upper grille. The flowing chrome elements of the grille mixes flawlessly with the projector headlamps. Another great part of the exterior are the twenty-inch polished aluminum wheels. Kids love the tri-pane power sunroof because they can get a great look at the clouds and the sunsets while riding in the vehicle. Nature can always be a part of them even when they are packed into the car.

Courtesy of FCA North America

Courtesy of FCA North America

The Inviting Interior

Since comfort is very important to families, can hold up to eight people. This means that there is plenty of space for an entire family. The people that sit in the front row have more legroom which is ideal for people that have long legs. Along with having the most cargo volume available, the Pacifica Stow and Go Seating allows for two-hundred and forty-three different ways to seat people. It also allows for a person to stow the second and third rows without having to take the seats out. A lot of cargo space is just one of the amenities of the interior of this vehicle. There is also a lot of usable space that was made very intelligently. The space in between the center console and instrument panel is ideal for storing little objects and the instrument panel drawer provides covered storage for items that people want to be able to get to easily.

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Since families are regularly on the move, they regularly have to eat in their vehicles. Before long, there will be food residue, dirt, and whatever else children bring into the car all over the place. The Stow n’ Go Vac that is powered by RIDGID is the strongest vacuum in it is class and easily moves throughout the whole vehicle to quickly and easily clean it up. Since families regularly have their hands full, this vehicle was created with them in mind. The front and center were made with convenience in mind. By pushing a button in the cabin or on the key fob or with the kick of a foot by the sensors on the exterior of the vehicle, the dual power sliding doors and rear power lift gate will open with no problem. When it is time to load the vehicle, there is 197 cubic feet of storage space with extra space in the middle and back row cargo bins. It is also now very easy to get into the back row of the vehicle. The Class-Exclusive second row Easy Tilt Seating lets passengers get into the third row with just the lift of a lever.

Courtesy of FCA North America

Courtesy of FCA North America

Super Safety Features

The Chrysler Pacifica does more than keep a person safe and secure. It also keeps drivers on track as well. One of the features that does this is the LanseSense feature. It warms people when they are going to leave their lane and helps them stay in it. It uses a camera-based vision sensor to detect and measure the position of the vehicle with the goal of keeping the vehicle inside its lane. If the vehicle changes lane without the turn signal being on, the car gives off a warning that the driver can see. To make sure a driver remains in their lane, it provides a gentle corrective action. It also keeps track if a persons hands stay on the steering wheel and can cancel a lane change that the driver did not intend to do if they do not put their hands back on the steering wheel.

Courtesy of FCA North America

Courtesy of FCA North America

The Forward Collision Warning with an Active Braking System is close to a driver having another pair of eyes. It uses a radar and video sensors to detect if the Pacifica is getting close to another vehicle or an obstacle in its path too quickly and helps the driver avoid an accident by giving them audio and visual warnings. If a person does not heed the warnings, the system will put the brakes on all by itself. The 360 degree Surround View Camera gives the driver a birds-eye view of the Pacifica and what is close to it by using four cameras that surround the vehicle to create a fully stitched image. The outstanding GPS will help direct a driver, with the ability to choose between front-cross path and rear cross-path views.

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With the latest technology in cruise control, the Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go is a smarter cruise control system. It uses video and radar sensors to identify vehicles in its path and keeps a set distance between the Pacifica and the car in front of it. Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go is totally functional between 0 m.p.h. and highway cruising speeds to assist people with being at a safe distance before they speed up again. The ParkSense Rear Park Assist System helps detect obstructions that are close to the back of the vehicle to assist people with maneuvering into narrow spaces at the speed a person goes when they are parking. A graphic display in the instrument cluster alerts the driver when an object is close to it and the system ensures that the vehicle stops all the way when needed to prevent an accident. When the vehicle is backing up, the Rear Cross Path Detection system will notify a driver if the sensor detects objects or vehicles crossing the cars path.

With the great design inside and out, a lot of safety features, and a lot of features that help families when they travel, the Chevrolet Pacifica goes above and beyond the traditional minivan. It is a modern vehicle that encourages traditional family values.

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