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Have you ever wanted the chance to take a fairytale character by the hand and take them on an adventure? With the Fairytale Maze 123 app for kids from GiggleUp Kids app, you can do just that. With just a sprinkle of fairy dust on your favorite maze, you will be whisked away to a magical place.

app for kids

App for Kids

Fairytale Maze 123 is a carefully designed app for kids for either your iPhone or iPad. The app is geared to help your young one think ahead and overcome obstacles in the game. Each level offers a different magical journey were both princes and princesses can eventually live happily ever after.

Early Childhood Development

Did you know that mazes are known to greatly benefit early childhood development? They are beneficial in the areas of problem solving, memory, and concentration. Therefore, Fairytale Maze 123 aims to aid in each of those areas.

Making learning fun with the Fairytale Maze 123:

  • Features exciting mazes based on popular fairy tales
  • Includes additional interactive elements for kids to tap and explore
  • Uses a child-friendly interface with easy navigation making it suitable for independent play
  • Includes a balanced variety of simple and harder mazes
  • Pleasant background music track that can be easily switched on or off
  • Is available in multiple languages, including

Fairytale Maze 123

My three younger girls (ages 3-9) love this app. They either play together or take turns moving their favorite characters through the Fairytale Maze. My 3 year old has quite the knack for puzzles and solving problems, so she enjoys the mazes. Each one encourages her to push herself a little more and, thus further enhance her problem solving and concentration skills.

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