Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Blueair

As temperatures cool down in fall and winter we spend a bit more time indoors without the need for air conditioning. This means our dog also spends a little more time inside with us. Sometimes we’ll crack a window for fresh air. Between the pet dander, pollen, and simple dust, we have found air purifies to be helpful for keeping our home air cleaner to breathe.

The Blueair Blue Family of purifiers, available at Best Buy, deliver plenty of clean air, use little energy, and operate quietly. These are also compact and attractively designed. According to Blueair, these purifiers remove 99% of airborne particles up to PM 2.5. There are 2 specific purifiers that we currently use in our home.

Blueair 411 at Best Buy

Blueair Purifiers at Best Buy

The Blue Pure 411 includes a particle and carbon filter as well as fabric pre-filters. This unit is perfect for the kids’ bedrooms or rooms that are 161 square feet or less.

This unit weighs only 3.35 pounds, making it quite portable. It stands 16.7 inches tall and is 8 inches in diameter. It is hardly noticeable. It is quiet and energy efficient. The 411 effectively removes pollen, dust, and smoke. The last part comes in handy when we accidentally burn a batch of brownies.

The particle + carbon filter and fabric pre-filters in Diva Blue and Dark Shadow are included. The average filter service life is 6 months to 1 year.

Blue Pure 211+

For the master bedroom and family room the 211+ model is great. It can purify areas up to 540 square feet. This unit is a bit heavier at 13 pounds and larger in dimensions at 21 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter. This is still quite portable.

Similar to the 411, it effectively removes dust, pollen, and smoke, but at a higher capacity. The filters last on average 6 months to 1 year.

Available at Best Buy

You can take a look at both Blueair models by visiting your local Best Buy store. Keeping the air fresh and free of irritants, such as allergens and pollutants, is easy with either the 411 or the 211+. Measure your rooms before you go and the experts at Best Buy can help you pick out the right models to ensure that you are effectively purifying the air inside of your home.