Normally for Father’s Day I am home, but this year I was going to be out of town. I told my oldest daughter I wanted to do something for Father’s Day this week. So, I treated myself to a Baskin Robbins Fathers Day Cake. I don’t normally take the initiative to treat myself, but it was nice to know I got what I wanted. After ordering the Baskin Robbins Fathers Day Cake over the phone I let Cheyenne know that she can pick it up on her way to our house.

Baskin Robbins Fathers Day Cake – Float Cake

I ordered a Ice Cream Float Cake, which is a classic roll cake that is transformed into a taste ice cream float. Topped with two scoops of ice cream, whip cream and a cherry. It was so funny, once we opened up the cake box, Joeli took off with the cherry before we could get a picture. Then both Jaden and Jaci started picking what part of the cake they wanted.

Baskin Robbins Fathers Day Cake

I cut a couple slices of the ice cream/cake mixture, and everyone thought it looked pretty cool(no pun intended) on the inside.I chose a Mint Chocolate with a Chocolate cake. If you ask me the combination was spectacular. We sat around and enjoyed that ice cream cake, until only the cardboard doily was left.

Baskin Robbins Cake

Baskin Robbins Fathers Day Cake – Tool Box

Baskin Robbins also offers a Tool Box Cake for the handyman in the family. This delicious ice cream cake features decorative chocolate tools and blue icing that can be personalized with a special Father’s Day message.

Be sure to celebrate Dad this Father’s Day with a delicious Ice Cream Float Cake or Tool Box Cake. Customized with his favorite ice cream and cake flavor, it’s the most delicious way to say thanks, Dad.

The best way to order and keep up with what Baskin Robbins has is to visit their website, and follow them on Twitter/Facebook.