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It seems that I have become more dependent on my Asus Intel Powered Tablet than before. I find myself using it daily in the place of my smartphone when I am at the house. Of course I have download the primary apps that no one can live without, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Netflix.

intel tablet

For the last couple months I have found a few new apps that work well on my Asus tablet with a Intel Atom processor. So let me list out my top 10 apps I love to use.

  1. Snapseed – With a powerful set of tools to tweak your images and an autocorrect tool, it will make any shot look professional.
  2. Level Money – Level Money simplifies everything. With clear visualizations of liquid assets and budgets, you can see where all of your money goes and learn how to save.
  3. Crackle – Completely free, Crackle want cost you a cent to stream movies and TV shows. All of the content is completely free. No New Releases.
  4. Kindle – I have this so I don’t have to carry my Kindle everywhere.
  5. Flipboard – I like Flipboard for the fact that it filters out the news I don’t want to see.
  6. USA Today – This is where I go for breaking news. It won’t cost you a cent to stream movies and TV shows from Crackle. All of the content is completely free.
  7. CBS Sports – Full scorecards and real-time stats for football, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, and a whole lot more can be found in this organized package. It can pull video, radio, news, and social media.
  8. Avast – It scans all your apps and files, including SMS or email attachments, and flags malware. Extra include app-locking, backups, remote locate and control, privacy advice, and the list goes on.
  9. Flixster – Check out what’s showing at your local movie theaters, what’s coming soon, watch trailers, read reviews, and book tickets. You can even stream or download movies in the app, if you want.
  10. Hangouts – Google has folded a lot of extra functionality into Hangouts so you can use it for instant messaging, sending SMS or MMS texts, sharing files and locations, and making video calls with up to 10 different friends.

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