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Everyone would love to add time to their day to get more done. While everyone has the same 24 hours, why is it that some people seem to be able to make of that time than others?

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Add Time To Your Day

It is as if they have magically added three or four hours, and you would love to know their secret.

The trick is quite simple; it is all about good planning, and when you do each task.

Many of us waste a considerable amount of time doing tasks in the moment of need that could be done in advance, leaving more time now to do things that are more valuable.

By grouping your everyday activities together, you can free up time and brain space for the other obstacles life throws at you.

Here are four tips to help you add hours to each and every day.


#1 – Prepare Meals The Night Before
In many homes, the conversation of what to have for dinner is a nightly debate. Deciding what to cook, then needing to pull out the supplies and prepare them before finally making the meal.

Is it any wonder that Americans spend an average of six hours each week just cooking? How much time would you save if you prepared your meals the night before, saving you valuable time when you are actually hungry?

Once the kids have gone to bed, start preparing for tomorrow. Prepare lunches, and start planning for dinner the following and preparing the dishes so all you have to do is either reheat for food or the final cooking.


#2 – Get Your Family Organized
We have all had a stressful morning where we cannot find the car keys, a wallet, or a cell phone.

The best way to avoid these scenarios is to get your family organized and help them develop the habit of putting things where they belong. Get a basket for each person in your family to keep those items that most frequently come up missing.

For things that will not fit into the baskets, like homework, tablets and homework, have a shelf designated where they should be placed when everyone is done with them.

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#3 – Use Technology Wherever Possible
Technology has become a bedrock of our lives. While every teenager and most adults love social media and the fun games that come with phones, there are also very useful functions that can help make our lives more productive.

For instance, how long do you spend waiting to get haircuts for your family at local a salon like Great Clips? Most people end up waiting for at least ten minutes, if not more.

Technology can help avoid lengthy waits for the tasks that you must complete that depend on other people.

For instance, Great Clips has an incredible app that allows you to check in for a haircut without being physically present in the store. This way, you get front of the line privilege when you do arrive.

If you take multiple people with you for haircuts, this could save you more than half an hour.


#4 – Pick Your Clothes For The Week On Sunday
Stop wasting time standing at your closet trying to figure out what to wear in the morning, and trying to match the right accessories to look your best.

Rather, take some time on Sunday to plan out what you are going to wear, complete with accessories and shoes, and you will be ready to start each day running.

Follow these simple steps and add hours to your day that you can spend doing things that you actually enjoy.