I Found a Way to Screen Mirror My Smart Phone with Actiontec ScreenBeam

Disclosure: I received the Actiontec products; MyWirelessTV 2 & ScreenBeam Mini2 from Best Buy in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

Enjoy Brilliant HD without the Wires

My favorite feature – The Wireless HDMI and HDTV connection is my favorite feature. This feature supports live HD streaming of content from the device to any HDMI device. It means, if you have two or three devices in the house or office, you can connect them using the transmitter. MyWirelesstV2 transmits and receives live HD content and relays high definition output on any HDMI device.

Actiontec products; MyWirelessTV 2 & ScreenBeam Mini2

Why do I need Wireless HDMI connection?

The wireless TV enables me to connect to almost every HDMI device in the living room, garage and/or back porch. Wiring can get messy and not always do they give you optimal functionality. To avoid the clutter either during transport or after installation, I use the Actiontec wireless TV.

Actiontec products; MyWirelessTV 2 & ScreenBeam Mini2
Why I recommend this product?

Technology comes to solve problems. Current technology is replaced with better technology. Though HDMI cables work fine, they require a budget to get the right quality. Further, you want your office to look neat or your house to be orderly, strings and wiring tend to be intrusive. They can be everywhere from the furniture to the walls. You will need to hire an expert actually to fit them properly. Assume you use the same cables at home and in out-of-home functions, you cannot fix them permanently, and forcing you to allow them to hang around your house or office. Sometimes you have a child in the house, and which means you cannot allow wires to hang around haphazardly. Wireless TV solves all these problems.

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ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display Receiver

ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display Receiver

Wireless Display for Travelers: Realize the full power of your existing phone, tablet or laptop
My favorite feature
Mobile gadgets are fun to have, but when they cannot communicate, it can get frustrating. Screanbeam 2 is a perfect companion, especially when out of the home. It helps you connect your phone, tablet, and laptop seamlessly without the internet.

ActionTec Screenbeam

How I use the ScreenBeam mirror feature

This device helps me do the following;
1. While outdoors, I can mirror my scream and connect to HDTV either on my laptop or tablet.
2. When making presentation of just sharing, I can mirror my phone on tablet and laptop especially when doing group work
3. Inside the house, I can connect my HDTV and stream all my favorite programs
4. If you are making a presentation in conferences is so easy, you just connect and send, and you are live.
5. When I am out of WIFI range, I use my Screanbeam to connect to my cell phone internet

Why I will recommend the device

The Screambeam 2 device is a must because;
1. It conveniently connects all your devices with ease
2. It is compatible with Android and Windows devices
3. It maintains the quality of the pictures or signal from one device to another.
4. Since it supports live HD streaming, you cannot miss a moment.
5. If it works great for me, I believe it can work great for you too.

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  1. Does your screenbeam mini still work? I allowed an update and now I have a blue light and nothing else.

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