Disclosure: I was provided a  Dyson Hot Cool Fan (AM05) for review. All opinions are mine.

With colder air moving in here to North Texas this winter, it is getting harder to keep warm. Not necessarily because we have extremely cold temperatures for a extended period of time, but because the home we rent leaks air like a untied balloon. We live in a two story home that is close to 20 years of age, and isn’t a very tight home. So we stuggle, especially with colder weather, keeping the house warm. The house has one heating unit, which keeps the upstairs warm and cozy. The thing is that the lower part of the house either doesn’t get the proper circulation and/or leaks air. We recently received a Dyson Hot Cool fan to off set the difference in temperatures, and we were surprised with the out come. Dyson Hot Cool

Our first major cold snap came in over night about the second week in November, with below 30 temperatures. We could tell that our gas heat was running a little more than it normally does, and we wanted it to. Luckily, the AM05 arrived that next day. We wasted no time un-boxing the Dyson Hot Cool fan, after reading a quick start set booklet, we were in business. I plugged in the fan and used the handy remote to increase the desired temp and fan speed. With in moments our office downstairs, was like a oasis of comfort. After moving the Dyson fan further way into a more open area, we could tell the over all lower level of the house had increased in temperature. We found ourself a little spoiled by our Dyson Hot Cool fan, and carried it from room to room just to watch and feel it comfort us.

7 Reason Why to Own a Dyson Hot Cool Fan

  1. Safe – There aren’t any fast-spinning blades or visible heating elements. And it automatically cuts out if it’s tipped over.
  2. Easy to clean – With no blades and no grille, AM05 is quick and easy to clean.
  3. No burning smell – The heating elements never exceed 392 °F, which is below the burning point of dust. Dust doesn’t burn, so there’s no worrying smell.
  4. Precise control – Select target temperature to the degree. Easy touch-tilt, oscillation, dimmer-switch and remote control.
  5. Save Energy – Costs approximately 30% less the heat a whole room than conventional fan heaters.
  6. Air Multiplier Technology – Draws in surrounding air and amplifies it.
  7. Power – Powerful airflow and velocity to heat and cool you effectively.


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