Just recently I have found myself taking more pictures with my iPhone and posting them on Instagram. The chance to snap a photo of the kids doing something funny or cute comes spontaneously and randomly. I enjoy sharing and joining in on photo a day challenges which motivate me to take pictures of random things. As I become more familiar with my iPhone camera, as well as with a couple of apps from the iTunes store, my pictures are beginning to look pretty good.


3-in-1 Lens Solution

After thinking more about my new obsession, I wanted something to help broaden my picture taking experience and enhance my photos.  The Olloclip came highly recommended by several users… some being professional photographers. The Olloclip is a 3-in-1 Lens Solution for your iPhone 4, 4s and 5.  This portable lens simply slides over the corner of your iPhone to capture great shots. And, with a snug fit there is no worry of it coming off.

Olloclip features:

  • Attach or remove the lens in seconds
  • Comes with Fisheye, Wide-angle, and Macro lens
  • Microfiber carry case double as a lens cleaner
  • Works with all apps
  • Attaches to your iPhone without a case of any sort
  • Lens rounds corners on all pictures

Once I was able to try the Olloclip, I found myself carrying it with me everywhere I went. Personally, I like the fisheye lens the most. I used it at my daughter’s school Christmas party and was able to catch a photo of most of the girls in her class sitting in a circle.  With the wide-angle lens I felt I was able to take a great-looking wide photo that captured my daughter as well as the nice, fall surroundings. As I learn to understand the different lenses I am encouraged that my pictures will only improve. Check out some of my photos below that I took with the three lenses.
Olloclip collage
You can see more of my photos taken with the Olloclip on both Instagram and Facebook. Plus, watch for a giveaway coming up on my friend’s blog. Details coming!

Disclosure: I received the Olloclip for the sole purpose of this review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own.

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