Top 5 Reasons the 2017 Lincoln Continental is a Game Changer

When a person drives, they want a car that not only performs and handles well, they also want something that is capable of serving as an extension of their own personality. That is typically why you see people that consider themselves cowboys driving trucks and it is also why you see people that have an affinity for style and passion driving cars like the 2017 Lincoln Continental. Make no mistake about it, the 2017 version is unlike virtually anything that has come before it. Below are the top five reasons why the 2017 Lincoln Continental is a game changer, whether you have been driving Lincolns for years or you are a first time customer.

2017 Lincoln

Top 5 Reasons the 2017 Lincoln Continental is a Game Changer

1) Power and Performance-
This is a performance sedan. There are often a lot of misconceptions about sedans. One of those misconceptions is that they can’t keep up with cars that are designed exclusively for performance. However, that could not be further from the truth, especially when you are talking about a car like this. It has three different options available when it comes to the engine and regardless of the choice you make, it can easily produce about 400 horsepower. The best part is that it manages to do all of this while still getting approximately 20 miles per gallon.

Top 5 Reasons the 2017 Lincoln Continental is a Game Changer

2) Comfort-
The car is designed for comfort. With leather seating and a layout that allows you to easily seat five individuals, it is designed with comfort in mind from bumper to bumper. It even features an ergonomic dash design and seats that allow you to adjust virtually every capacity for comfort, ranging from the amount of legroom that you have to the way the seat tilts. There are even thigh extenders featured on the seats that further enhance the overall level of comfort, something that just isn’t available in most other sedans.

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Top 5 Reasons the 2017 Lincoln Continental is a Game Changer

3) Technology-
This vehicle is the epitome of technology. Hands-free technology gives you the chance to handle everything from the stereo to the telephone without ever moving your hands off of the steering wheel or taking your eyes off the road. You can use voice commands to accomplish a whole host of functions. It is almost like having someone right there by your side to help with all the things that might otherwise distract you while you focus on the most important thing, driving.

Top 5 Reasons the 2017 Lincoln Continental is a Game Changer

4) Responsiveness-
This car is not just responsive, it feels like it almost anticipates your control inputs ahead of time and then it responds to them instantly. It also takes thousands of calculations per second, making it easier for you to maintain control of the car even in the worst driving conditions. This is especially helpful when you are forced to drive in adverse weather or in challenging terrain.

Top 5 Reasons the 2017 Lincoln Continental is a Game Changer

5) Style-
Of course, it wouldn’t be a Lincoln without impeccable style. This vehicle doesn’t just honor the classic style that has allowed Lincoln to make a name for itself, it takes it to an entirely new level. If you love Lincolns because of everything they represent, this is the car for you.

Now that you know why this car is such a game changer, you can focus on finding the right one for you to buy. You have a lot of options to think about, but whatever you ultimately choose, you certainly won’t be disappointed. #ThatsContinental

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    As a FMC share holder, I’m so glad for our company! At last we’re rid of the ‘cracker jacks’ grille, and on to something a little more fitting! Give the designer, a RAISE!

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