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 The 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser is in a class like no other. It has many amazing, and unbelievable benefits and upgrading standards, that just can’t be beaten.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser

One thing is that it has an amazing price for all the features and luxuries it bestows. This is very important to consider, especially for families who must save without compromising quality. With this SUV, the price is very satisfyingly lower than the Range Rover 2016. The Range Rover 2016 price tag is $85,945, but the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser is only $84,820, thus, beating all of the competitors with that aspect alone. Also, the price stays the same on the Toyota land Cruiser at $84,820, but the competitor pricing goes up to $94,690 after tax.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser int

A Safety Feature Among Many

Having great pricing especially for a luxury SUV is more than amazing, especially when raising a family. However, having great safety features is the top priority of them all. From anti-lock brakes to different camera views, especially for blind spots, this SUV would help keep your family safe and secure.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser back seat

This SUV has a dual, independent, variable timing with a streamline of intellectual, acoustic control induction system. This helps to maximize and add value with the multi-terrain monitor. With this, all you have to do is simply, press a button to give you information about the front, rear, and side camera views on the spot. The view advantage of 9 in navigation screen gives a broader and wider view. And this is just one of the diverse safety features they possess, for this SUV is dynamic with a pre-collision system, cruise control, and other safety features.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser front

The Ultimate in Design

The design of the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser is the crème of the crop. The details of this SUV is extensive from the chrome side moldings to the leather interior. However the best feature in design, especially in regards to a family, includes the off road capabilities. With this SUV, the exceptional performance and off road capability come with guaranteed road performance, a double overhead cam (DOHC) 32 valve, and a V8 that’s up to 381 horsepower and 401b-ft of torque.