Earth Day is a great reason to teach your kids about how beautiful and resourceful our plant really is. Earth day is a day to recognize and celebrate our home, which gives us air, food, water, soil and light so that we may be healthy and live a full life. With these crafts you can show your kids many different things about the world. We can encourage recycling with many fun crafts, we can show how to make yummy treats revolving around our planet, and show some love to our earth by growing our own fruits and veggies as well as growing our knowledge on recycling and solar powered electricity! Have a Happy Earth day and love our home!

Earth Day Crafts for Kids


11 Earth Day Craft’s with Kids

  1. Recycled Earth Magnets
  2. Simple Three- Step Plant Markers
  3. Plant Fertilizer “Sand” Art
  4. Recycle Head Man
  5. Handprint Love The Earth Craft
  6. Cardboard Tube Binoculars
  7. Earth Day Popsicle Recipes
  8. Pinecone Bird Feeders
  9. Earth Day Collage
  10. Flower Garden Windows DIY
  11. Recycled Magazine Wallet