Convenient, Easy Choice for Families on the Go: Fruit Shoot Drinks

Convenient, easy choice for families on the go: Fruit Shoot Snacks and Drinks Fruit Shoot Snacks are the convenient easy choice for on the go juice for the family on the go most flavors having no added sugar, like apple and berry burst, so you won’t have to worry about extra sugar in your child’s […]

11 Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Earth Day is a great reason to teach your kids about how beautiful and resourceful our plant really is. Earth day is a day to recognize and celebrate our home, which gives us air, food, water, soil and light so that we may be healthy and live a full life. With these crafts you can […]

5 Ways to Have a Healthier, Happier Family

It has become the exception rather than the rule for families to be happy, healthy, and supporting in American culture and life anymore. Somewhere and sometime in between the MTV revolution and the smartphone revolution, the family unit in the country broke down and then seemingly fell apart. It does not have to be this […]

After School Activities with Fisher Nut Exactly

Kids can sometimes find school boring but you can always brighten up their day by engaging in them in some outdoor after school fun activities accompanied by Fisher Nut Exactly. These activities bring out happiness in them which can be further bettered by Fisher Nut Exactly. How? You ask… it is simple; Fisher Nut Exactly […]

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16 Easy Valentines Day Crafts with the Kids

Easy Valentines Day Crafts On a day filled with hearts, roses, pinks and purples, Valentines Day is a wonderful time to show love to those nearest to our hearts. Whom is more dear than our children! That’s why I have found some wonderfully Easy Valentines Day Crafts to do with our kids to show love to […]

9 Creative Healthy Lunches for Kids!

9 Creative Healthy Lunches for Kids! The kids are dreading it, but the parents are anticipating it! Winter Break is close to an end and school is coming back around again. After letting the kids fill their little faces with turkey, stuffing and all of grandma’s sweet pies, sending your sweet kids back to school […]

Youth Soccer with i9 Sports Benefits Your Kids

After a season of youth soccer with i9 Sports I have come to see a few positive changes from both Jaden and Jaci. If you haven’t read previously, both Jaden and Jaci had a chance to play in the winter season with i9 Sports. i9 Sports offers youth sports leagues, camps and clinics for boys […]