The Most Important Things We Do for Our Kids

As a parent, one of the most important things we do for our kids is provide them a safe and comfortable environment to grow in every day. Of course our kids are going to fall or maybe get into something they shouldn’t, but as parents, we make decisions every day that decide how safe our […]

Take the Family Camping This Summer – Top Camping Sites for Families

Let’s go camping! Whether you’re ready to set up a tent, traveling by RV, or renting a cabin, these 8 top camping sites for families are excellent places to camp with your crew! Top Camping Sites for Families Jellystone Park Camp-Resort Larkspur, Colorado Hey, hey, hey! This Yogi-bear themed campground is perfect for families. Camp […]

Educational Apps for the On The Go Parent – Cricket Wireless Offers

“DISCLAIMER: This blog was sponsored by Cricket Wireless. All thoughts, opinions and views are my own.” It’s tax season and that has a lot of us considering how to spend our refunds. Perhaps it’s time to tech yourself out with a shiny new smartphone. Maybe it’s the perfect time to invest your refund into a […]

5 Best Family Beach Vacations in the U.S.

With fun in the sun, sandy beaches, and endless ocean waters, a family beach vacation is a perfect choice for any family. There are so many options for beach vacations in the United States, it’s hard to pick just one. Here are a few of the options for the 5 best family beach vacations in […]

7 Signs of Childhood Anxiety

Children, just like adults, are capable of experiencing anxiety. This is especially true for children who are just entering into puberty when hormones begin to kick in and emotions become stronger and perhaps confusing. For parents, we often think that this is just a phase and hope our children will grow out of it. But, […]

SING on Digital HD is Just in Time for Family Movie Night

As much as I like traveling, I don’t like missing out on fun stuff at home. Late last year Staci and the girls went to Sing in the theater. It wasn’t, but minutes after the movie I was receiving messages that I need to watch this movie with them. Well, that day is today! The Sing […]

Surviving Another Winter with Advil Cold and Sinus

Disclosure: I’m sharing #Advil in my life as part of an Advil sponsored series for Socialstars™. #ColdDrama My intentions of avidly walking or hiking local trails with the family and our pup, followed by gathering around the fire to tell stories, drink hot chocolate, and relax have mostly been good. But, when a cold or […]