Can You Have a Romantic Getaway Without Your Toddler

Have asked yourself before, can I have a romantic getaway without your toddler? Traveling without your toddler in tow gets easier as your family grows in size. The separation anxiety for both mom and child can put a damper on your travel plans. The anxiety and guilt generally subside once you and your partner are […]

Downsizing Your Life Can Help You Be a Better Parent

When is the stuff in your home just too much? With 5 kids we have accumulated a lot of things. The good thing is that the younger girls have been able to benefit from hand-me-downs from their older sisters. Not so for our son. Hence, we have amassed more than we need over the years. […]

Preventing Nightmares – Advice for Parents When Their Kids Experience Nightmares or Bad Dreams

Have you ever found that you have just fallen asleep and are awakened by a sobbing child standing by your bedside wanting to climb in with you? There is often the declaration of a monster under the bed. You are tired, but you can’t ignore the fact that your little one has probably just had […]

These Duraflame Campfire Logs Make Me Dad of the Year

We are a family that likes to spend time together at our home. We enjoy being outdoors as much as possible. One of our favorite activities is to build a warm fire in our backyard fire pit and hang out around it. We share stories, gaze at the stars, or just read and relax. We […]

What Gets Your Morning Started with Kids

Weekday mornings are pretty much all about getting the kids up and ready to start a day of school. We do make a point to our morning started with a good breakfast. Sometimes that is a challenge, as everyone has different preferences. So, we try to mix it up to make everyone happy. That takes a […]

Quick Pit Stops at Our Local RaceTrac Help When We Are Running Late

Mornings usually run smoothly in our home. My wife and I are really great partners when it comes to raising our children and seeing that they are fed, dressed, and out the door in a timely fashion. Recently, my wife had a pretty bad cold and went straight to bed after work. It was a […]

Powering Imaginations with Duracell at Children’s Medical Center Dallas

Being cooped up in a hospital time any time of year is not ideal. But when you have to spend Christmas in a cold, sterile hospital room, it seems even more bah-humbug. A child in the hospital? Over Christmas? Even worse. Powering Imaginations This past week, Duracell gave my family and I the incredible opportunity […]