My Home DIY Project List is Steadily Growing and My Bank Account is Shrinking

Thanks to Capital One for sponsoring this post. Next year, I plan on doing some much-needed home improvements. The holidays are sure to take a bite out of any available capital we have to do the projects I have in mind without some additional financial assistance. Fortunately, we own our home and do have some […]

20 Fun and Festive DIY Christmas Gifts

What better gift than one that is handmade? A handmade gift shows how much you care for the person you’re giving it to, and that it’s much more than a simple obligation. The holidays will be here in no time, so if you plan on making your own gifts, take a look at some of […]

20 Rustic DIY Log Projects

What do you think can made from a tree stump? The most obvious things that come to mind are tables and seats. I think some seats made from logs would be perfect for a rustic backyard and pretty easy to make too. DIY Log Projects I’ve been looking at DIY log projects lately and I […]

Concrete DIYs You Can Have the Kids Help You With

Concrete crafts are all the rage right now and I was having a difficult time understanding why until I really started looking into this. Concrete Crafts At first sight, cement seems just too heavy and dull but a pair of crafty hands can really take it to the next level. I’m set on making a […]

Interesting DIY Coffee Tables That are Worth Checking Out

One might argue that a coffee table is not an essential piece of furniture, but not if you have a couch in your living room. After all, you wouldn’t want your guests to keep holding their refreshments because there’s no table nearby? DIY Coffee Tables Ideas Here’s the thing about coffee tables – they’re usually […]

Repurpose that IKEA Furniture to Something Spectacular! Check out These Brilliant IKEA Hacks

For quite some time people have been relying on many IKEA products to be both cheap and reliable. There’s just a small downside with them – most of the furniture (and other objects) from the affordable pricing range are a bit too basic. IKEA Hacks Nevertheless, since IKEA is an incredibly popular retailer you will […]

20 DIY Kitchen Projects

If you like to cook then you’re probably spending a lot of time in the kitchen on a daily basis. There’s nothing wrong with that….so am I! Even if you have a beautiful modern kitchen and you bought the most expensive equipment and cookware there are still lots of small projects as well as bigger […]